Important Information

Parent & Baby - from £150 (12 weeks)
Learn to Swim - £124 (12 weeks)
Nursery - £136 (12 weeks)

Term durations may vary

* Transition -
These are sessions for when your child is using buoyancy aids for the first time.

  • Please can we ask you to take soiled nappies home with you. Do not leave in the nappy bins.
  • Under no circumstances are outdoor shoes to worn on poolside this is for the health and safety of our swimmers
  • No food is to be eaten on poolside or in the changing rooms
  • Parking (No Parking at the moment during weekdays - school are reviewing this currently) Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 3pm is limited on site to 5 cars you must have the car park code to enter the school. There are 1 hour parking bays on cotysmore road. We kindly ask that if you are not getting into the pool with your child that you use the. 1 hour parking bays. 
  • Saturday morning and after school unlimited parking is available on site on the rear play ground and front car park.
  • You must not enter and will be refused entry to the school car park between 3.15pm and 3.45pm as this is for the safety of school children going home from school.
  • The entrance to use for the pool is The Oaks entrance.
  • No PHOTOS are allowed to be taken on poolside of any children.
  • Mobile Phones must not be used on poolside to make or receive calls, if you need to use your phone please leave the pool area.
  • Entry to the pool is by climb down ladders with hand held rail


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