3-4 Years

Nursery 3-5 Years Classes



This is a very big step for you letting go and your child becoming independent, however most children at 3 respond really well to this step and especially as they have already built up a relationship with their instructor. These sessions are a gentle transisition for your child into the learn to swim programme.

All Sutton Dolphins instructors are in the water with the child for the duration of the lesson. Giving the child added reassurance and confidence. Parents are encouraged to watch from the pool side.

These sessions are structured lessons introducing more defined swimming techniques and skills with a definite fun element to them. Children of this age group still have a short concentration span, so the lessons are tailored accordingly.

4 Years plus

These sessions are usually held after school or at the weekend. In these sessions we have three ability groups.

  • Non-swimmers - children who are often less confident in the water and children who find it difficult travelling through the water unaided.
  • Beginners - children who are confident and move through the water with ease with aides.
  • Improvers - children who can swim short distances without aides and need to learn stamina and technique.

Children would be assessed by a Sutton Dolphins instructor on their first visit to the pool. As a child progresses they would be moved into a different ability group. We work on a ratio of one instructor to six children for non swimmers and beginners and one instructor to eight children for the improvers. Sutton Dolphins instructors are still in the water with the children for reassurance confidence and demonstration purposes.

When a child has achieved the basic swimming skills we teach usually between 5 and 6 years of age we will recommend that they move to a larger more challenging pool.



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