6-20 Months

Baby Classes (6-20 Months)

All babies have the potential to enjoy water and if encouraged will welcome the freedom and challenges of buoyancy, Babies find a great freedom in the water being able to move with ease. Early swimming skills will help your baby to develop strength, co-ordination and confidence.

Swimming with your baby is an activity that can play a major part in the bonding process. Babies need to feel relaxed in the water with their parent and at ease in the social setting of their new aquatic group.

At Sutton Dolphins we believe in teaching babies what it feels like above and below the surface of the water.

Before we explore what infants and toddlers can learn under the surface we like to teach the child to be comfortable above the surface.

A babies progression in water is down to you as a water-parent, you will find the more often you are able to take your baby to the pool each week, the quicker they will learn to feel at ease in the water and progress to different stages more confidently.

We encourage you as a parent to remember how unique your child is to you and anything they do in the water is an achievement.

We treat each child as an individual and let them learn and go forward at their own pace. Our programme is based on a fun element. We teach the child safety around water and to have respect for the water. Our 6-20 month programme is designed for babies ; these sessions are without the use of buoyancy aides. We show you ways of holding and swimming with your baby in the water letting them discover and feel their own buoyancy with minimal assistance. The aim of these sessions are to work together giving you and your baby both confidence and enjoyment in the water.

You as a parent do not need to be able to swim to take part as Sutton Dolphins instructors are with you at all times in the water.

What does my baby need for swimming?

All babies must wear a form of swim nappy this can either be a disposable or re-useable one and some form of body costume however Sutton Dolphins recommend young babies wear a baby wetsuit for added warmth. (See online shop).

You will also need a changing mat and towel.

It is recommended that you take your babies towel into the pool area and after you finished your session you wrap your baby in their towel you change yourself first and then your baby. You will find this easier than trying to dry your baby whilst you are still wet and your baby will remain warm and snug.



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