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Sutton Dolphins was founded by Michelle and Sue in 2003.

Both of us being experienced swimming instructors and having taught traditional approaches to parent and baby swimming, decided to research different approaches and methods practised. After extensive research we found the Birthlight approach and adopted there methods to compliment our own. We went on to achieve our diplomas in the birthlight approach and became Parent and baby swimming Tutors for the Swimming Teachers Association (STA).

Our ethos is in providing all our swimmers from birth to 10 years a safe friendly environment to learn to swim. We believe that no one is ever to young or old to start learning to swim. However it is definitely an advantage to start as young as you feel your baby is ready, as babies with our lessons will learn to love the water and grow strongly in confidence, a happy water baby will become a confident swimmer.

Our instructors are in the water with you and the children up to the advanced sessions where they can confidently swim at least 50 metres and then the lessons become more about being coached.

Our team of instructors have grown and become part of Sutton Dolphins, most of them have been with us for many years. We aim to keep our pricing true as we want as many children to be able to learn to swim. Swimming is part of all of our lives, and one day this weekly fun lesson learning a life skill could save your childs life! (drowning is the second largest killer of children in western countries.)

If you are interested in becoming an instructor please contact us

All our sessions have an element of fun and are set in a relaxed environment whilst providing constructive instruction, we follow the childrens development stages.

To find out more about Birthlight go to www.birthlight.com to find out more about the STA go to www.sta.co.uk

Why start so young?

Drowning is the second largest killer of children in western countries.

We spend all year looking forward to our annual holidays where we can sit back relax and have fun. Most holidays are by the sea or with the use of a swimming pool. By joining in our swimming stages you can learn a life saving skill whilst teaching your child how to be safe in and around the water. The most important element in the learning process for young children is to get enjoyment and fun out of the each activity they part take in.

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    3rd July 2024

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  • Badges

    3rd July 2024

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