The photographs on this website are taken by Aquapix.

Would you like a photograph with you and your child in the water?

Our photoshoots are managed by Sutton dolphins and only current sutton dolphins members can attend, photographs are taken by Aquapix professional underwater photographers.

About Aquapix

Underwater photographers and specialists in taking amazing photographs of babies underwater and enjoying being in a swimming pool.

A baby’s first experiences underwater are magical and a wonderful bonding moment for both parent and child. We aim to capture this with our photography and provide lasting memories of these early underwater adventures. We also take photographs of children just enjoying playing and being in the water.

We are friendly, professional and well-qualified, offering a service where the baby and parents’ needs and requirements are paramount.

Our photographers are CRB checked and hold STA Baby and Pre-School teaching qualifications.


There is a non refundable booking fee of £25 for Sutton dolphin swimmers and £40 for non swimmers of Sutton Dolphins this is an attendance fee and photographs are then purchased directly with Aquapix.

Please click here for a copy of their price list.

By paying your attendance fee your are agreeing to our terms and conditions.



Our next photoshoot will be taking place on  at Whitehouse Common School Pool from 9am. Please book to avoid dissappointment


Please complete form below and return to Sutton Dolphins


The photographs on this website are taken by Sutton Dolphins not Aquapix. 

Aquapix Price list

7x5” print £21. (£28)
8x6” print £23.25. (£31)
10x8” print £26.25. (£35)
1 image on CD/USB. £36. (£48)
Up to 6 images on CD/USB plus one 8x6” print £72 (£96)
Up to 10 images on CD/USB plus one 8x6” print £90 (£120)
All images on CD/USB plus one 8x6” print £120 (160)
A4 canvas £60 (£80)
16x12” canvas £75 (£100)
20 x16” canvas £90 (£120)
These are the prices for any orders placed within 21 days of the shoot, the prices in brackets are for any orders after that. 

Photo Shoot

Sunday 3rd May 2020

Venue – Whitehouse common School Sutton Coldfield

Cotysmore Road

B72 6BL

9am to 11.30pm


We are holding a Professional underwater photoshoot on Sunday . 

Aquapix Underwater Photographers

Will be taking the photographs, you then view and purchase the photographs directly from their website.


There will be a non refundable fee of £25 per child to attend the photoshoot. (non members of Sutton dolphins £40 per child to attend). Each child can be accompanied by both parents, if you want to include siblings there will be an additional cost of £15 per sibling. Please contact us for more information. Email


This is a professional photoshoot in a relaxed informal session and whilst we aim to take an underwater photo of your child we will not submerge any child who is not happy to be submerged. Pictures will be taken on top of the water as well as under water.


We will not refund or transfer any monies if you are not happy with the photographs or can not attend for any reason what so ever as places are restricted and very limited.


Places will be offered on a first come basis.


If you would like to attend please complete the attached form and return it with payment method via email, to the shop Dolphin Swimware or to your swimming instructor.

Payment methods:

Cheques will not be acceped

Bank Transfer (20-84-13, 30880736) Reference must be CHILDS name. Form must be taken to our shop.

Cash (please place money in an envelope with your completed form), and take to our shop Dolphin Swimware, Mitchells, Weeford road, B75 6NA.

Once your form and payment has been received you will receive a text with your allotted time.  Once your time is allocated it is non changeable.


By paying for the photo shoot you are agreeing to all the below.


Attendance fee £25 (non refundable) to be paid upon booking and completion of this form to Sutton Dolphins.

Photographs and Disc prices will be put on our website, alternatively please contact aquapix direct.

These prices include a discount on all orders made within 21 days of photo shoot.


You will receive your timeslot to be in water via text message which you must respond too. Texts will be sent 7 days prior to shoot.




Terms and conditions


To book your place your form must be completed and £25.00 SD members only sitting fee must be paid, no verbal bookings will be taken.

Only the child who has been paid for can be photographed no siblings, unless they have been paid for(£15.00 per sibling) will be allowed in the water.

Pictures will be taken on top of the water as well as under water.

We can not guarantee an underwater photograph.

We will only submerge happy babies.

We will submerge a max 3 times.

We do find that sometimes toddlers do not like the photographer as they usually wear diving equipment please be aware of this.

You must attend on your allotted time anyone late will stand the chance of losing their place as places are limited.


Please complete form below:




Childs name


Childs date of birth


Current session time you attend, your instructor and venue


Siblings names


Siblings date of birth


Mobile contact number (This must be completed)


Email address


Payment method (please state how you have paid)


Cash enclosed


Online (date processed)


Any additional information



Signature of parent



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