Whitehouse common school 

Monday - Friday 9-3.45pm ONLY

1. No parking on school site

2. Enter/exit  to the pool will be via the pool fire exit door

3. Sanitise hands on entry and give instructor your signed covid document  Please wear a mask

4.All swimmers should arrive swim ready with own buoyancy aids

5. Parents observing nursery aged children on poolside must wear a mask and socially distance  only 1 spectator will be allowed per child  

6. We will allow nursery children, parents and toddlers swimming to use the changing rooms during the day. There will be disinfectant to clean down your area. Keep to a maximum of 6 per changing room. 

7. Where possible do not use the changing room. 

8. Exit via pool fire exit door.

9. Masks must be worn at all times  

After School Learn to swim Monday Tuesday and Friday 

1. Parking allowed in playground and car park after 3.45pm  

2. Enter via the emergency exit, send your child in. You can meet after the session at the normal pool entrance. .

3. All children to arrive swim ready, they will be met at the door and shown to their groups by a Sutton Dolphins team member.  They will be given a basket to put their shoes and towel in  

4. No spectators on poolside Parents  will be asked to wait in their cars until the lesson is over. We will have contact numbers should we need you. 

5. After sessions please meet your child at normal pool door by changing rooms. They will not be allowed out until you collect them.  

6. If your child wears a buoyancy aid they must bring their own

7. please bring your signed Covid-19 document.

8. Saturday Learn to Swim parking allowed on playground and in car park all day

9. Please bring own buoyancy aids and floats

10. Masks must be worn at all times  


SATURDAY and SUNDAY Parent and Baby/Toddler SWIMMING

1. Parent and Baby/Toddlers please arrive swim ready.

2. Enter pool via normal entry. Parents please wear masks  

3. please bring own buoyancy aids.

4. parents swimming in water with their children will be allowed to change children after their session. We would prefer parents to just cover and leave. Limited numbers in changing rooms only and you must wipe down your station after use. Please observe Social Distancing  

4 in boys 5 in girls at anyone time  

5. No spectators on poolside 

6. please ensure you bring signed Covid-19 document with you to your session. 

 7. Face masks must be worn at all times  

During these difficult times guidelines must be adhered too. We will not tolerate any verbal abuse towards our staff

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